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We are not asking for broad information or a request spanning several board meetings- just the meeting that the Board either decided not to move forward and/or voted not to accept the language proposed.I would site the specific Board Meeting, I just am not sure which one it occurred.By "Political Office" we mean Kate Brown's campaign, as well as all corresponding personnel and resources.

Thank you.​​This public records request asks for Oregon Regional Solutions to provide all information in its possession regarding interface with the City of Molalla and Oregon DEQ regarding potential help to fund public or private money/grants/loans to fund City of Molalla wastewater projects.

Seeking all notes, emails, letters, documents, etc.

from Raihana Ansary produced for the City of Molalla wastewater funding issues. 18, 2017 meeting with City of Molalla and DEQ regarding wastewater issues.

We request a copy of this dataset for the last quarter (or most recent available) for each year from the earliest year this data is maintained to the current year (2017).

We request that this data be provided in source database format (CSV, etc) and be delivered digitally via CD-ROM or Email.

I can be contacted at 1 570.620.6656 or via email at jweber@during normal business hours if any further information is necessary concerning this request.

Myrtle ran the local café and Alex was the deputy sheriff and operated the bar.… continue reading »

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And then once that is resolved, then you two can start working out a relationship. She be a very nice woman but he got himself into a relationship with her, he can get himself out. … continue reading »

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